Sunday, March 8, 2009

Welcome Stoney Mountain Farm to the DFM

I am so excited about several new members of the DFM this season, one of which is Stoney Mountain Farm located in Burlington, NC.  I wish I had more pictures of how beautiful the landscape is on Olga and John Elder's farm--healthy old pear trees that you could tell just drip luscious pears in late summer, old outbuildings that have such character and rich history to them, crazy guineas running around, squawking about strangers on their turf.....On our inspection, Ken Dawson and I got a great tour from Olga around the property and we got to see her lovely animals that all seem very well cared for and loved.  I would not mind being one of these sheep.  She has a flock of Navajo-churro sheep, a Rare Breed that has a fascinating history.  Can't wait to try the meat, I'm sure it is delicious.  And don't you love the four horns on this joker here?  Olga said it took him awhile to grow into such a daunting set of horns, but now he has established himself as a right bully.  As a sheep myself in Chinese astrology, I suppose there is a particular affinity there for these animals.  Sheep also remind me of a bit from the incredible documentary of the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy, Rivers and Tides.  
We welcome you Olga and John to the Durham Farmers' Market and look forward to your stories and presence.

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