Sunday, January 16, 2011

Time to get our hands dirty

Well, I am officially tired of the cold. It makes me withdrawn and tense, so that I feel like the fingernail of the moon that hangs in the sky, waning in its light, suspended in darkness. Although I still feel whole like the moon. [I can write these cheesy analogies, because this is my blog. Mock me if you will.]
Customers have been loving our anemones. I think they have finally caught on to the fact that these are an AMAZING cut flower. They don't have quite the transformation factor as tulips over the course of their vaselife, but they are so sweet and the colors are so vibrant. They make me think of little kisses, waiting to be delivered with love.
We have been slow to get into the pace of the season. I'm behind starting some of my favorite flower seed. And our big hoophouse is fairly desperate for some attention. All in due time. We did get the last of our forcing tulips planted today, and here is a picture of a soil amendment we used for the lovely ladies. It makes me tear up and my heart swell because it is so beautiful. It's what dreams are made of. Leaf mold. Crumbly, rich, black, soft, and rare. Hard to find around these parts. But some things are well worth seeking out.