Sunday, March 29, 2009


We now have fifteen bluebird houses ready to go, thanks to all the great helpers at our bluebird house building party/Stuart's b-day party.  Now we just need to put them up around the farm and hope there are still some bluebirds looking to nest.   My brother Elijah made me these cranes for my birthday, twelve of them all with different origami paper.  I never had the patience for origami.  I even had trouble making stupid paper airplanes.   Love these cranes though, and they were great party decor, along with the flowers we had leftover from market the week before.  And the vase life we're getting from ranunculus and tulips?  Shizaam.    

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Hot Belly Mama said...

If you get a chance - check out my blog today. I have questions about soil that I think you might be able to give advice on. Thank you!