Friday, May 20, 2011

Roller coaster rides

The roller coaster is finally slowing down with just our CSA potluck today as the grand finale of a long line of busy-ness; we're talking non-stop, head-spinning activity and not enough sleep. But it has been good. Great markets, awesome women getting married, smooth strawberry season. Hopefully I'll have more time to blog now, and more time for better pictures :) Didn't get any of the white wedding table arrangements, but maybe we'll get some from the wedding photographer. Happy Sunday to everyone!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Good Eats

These are the days I've been thinking about all winter. I knew a point in time would come when dinner would consist of extravagant amounts of fresh vegetables with a small showing of some form of protein on the side. Sugar snap peas go in every dish as their appearance is so brief; strawberries haven't gotten old yet--this weekend I'm finally going to try the strawberry marscapone tart with port glaze I've been meaning to get to for two years now; we have some cauliflowers weighing in over 2 lbs---we just want to stare at them all day and hold them with both hands as we're mesmerized by their size.
Life is good. We keep saying to each other if we can just get through May.....if we can just get through May. We have a big wedding next weekend that I'm pretty excited about. The bride wants a very elegant color theme of all white with a small, allowable percentage of green. It's going to be beautiful, and, as I'm in attendance, I should be able to get some great photos.

This little guy.

"lil' bit" is what we've nicknamed him. LB. He showed up at the farm last Friday with his brother. They were sickly skinny and c-o-v-e-r-e-d in ticks. Luckily no fleas. We fed them while my mother warned me if we feed them they are ours. The bigger brother disappeared Friday night, but lil' bit stuck around. We figured he must be the smart one. He is so sweet and gentle. We're still deciding what to do with him; not sure this is the right time to be taking in a dog. He didn't eat anything yesterday (up to then he had been voraciously eating) so we took him to the vet. He had a fever, poor guy, so they didn't want to run any tests. Let's hope he eats something today.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Market

Awesome market. And we are so proud of our beets. A first for us to have them at market and be able to give them to all of our CSA members. This week will be a wild one at the farm; we always get behind when the berries come in, so now the question is, what to prioritize on the long, long list????

Monday, May 2, 2011

April 30th market

Hurried pictures, not the best. It was a good market though.

One thing after another......

That is how it's been around here lately. Friday, our crazy day, we had plans to irrigate everything in the hoophouses and the fields and our pump decides not to work. "We'll deal with this later, we have to get ready for market!" Friday late night, instead of partying it up like we always do (heehee), Stuart tries to deal with the pump and I'm arranging flowers til I can't see straight anymore. You know you've hit a wall when the flowers no longer seem beautiful and moving but instead take on a dimension of hell. Never a good thing.
Saturday evening, we arranged to borrow a pump from a friend and Sunday morning, while cutting the must-cut blooms, the rounds begin. Unfortunately I forgot to check the pressure gauge after starting up a round. The pump we borrowed was a little bit stronger than the one we had and so it cracked our sand filter. Way to go genius. But nothing a good cry in the squash patch won't fix. I think I irrigated half of them with my tears. Sometimes the floodgates open and all the strange flotsam and jetsam collecting spills on out, anxieties and exhaustion revealed, the intangible emotions manifested in some water molecules running down my face. The pond pump and I both had cracked from too much pressure. I'm thinking days like this are never a good time to evaluate your choice of career.