Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We Live!!!!

 That's right everyone, we live.   Just been a little busy having a new baby, Maeve Ellery Bain White, born September 1st, 7 lb. 6 oz., two weeks early and just a day after her big sister Ruth's birthday.  Crazy times in the White household!!!!!  I was having contractions on Ruth's birthday but Maeve held out for her own day.  The garden has been super steady and beautiful, thanks to our amazing crew.  We actually need to give a shout out to Emily for these beautiful pics as once again our camera has died to overheating one day in a hot truck.  Thanks Emily, great eye!!!!  We have the nicest carrot section we've ever some sections in our new field we are leasing the soil is deep and loamy, like a freshly baked cake.  It's hard for me not to take mouthfuls and go swimming in it, but instead we sowed carrot seed and a little magic and VOILA, carrots so sweet and so bountiful it feels like were dreaming as we walk through the patch.  Okay, I have so much more to share, but as I'm writing one handed and nursing time is almost up and the grocery store trip beckons, I'll leave you for now.  Hopefully to return soon!