Thursday, September 29, 2011

Winterize Me

Preparing for hunkering down here at Bluebird Meadows. Stuart has been working hard in the after hours to get our wood pile to size for the cold weather that will be here soon. This weekend we have temps getting down to 44! Fantastic! The farm is winding down, taking deeper breathes, saying long awaited goodbyes to summer crops past their peak....we have just a few more weeks of fall crops to take to market and then we'll get a break from the market scene. I haven't been for two months now which is really weird. I miss it. But Ruth is definitely keeping me busy. Hopefully we will get our hoophouses planted very soon with goods for Nov. and Dec. I get the big house this year for flowers as we're trying a winter flower CSA. I'm pretty excited about it; I just hope little Ruth will be on board with letting mom get some work done. This morning was the first time I took Ruth to the field to work for a couple hours. She slept the whole time, thoroughly unimpressed with the beautiful lisianthus I cut. In other news, Clover wants to show off her new bed to everyone. Hank stole hers so she has been roughing it on the rug for a while now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ruth Eleanor White

Our little angel is here! We have had hardly a minute to spare in our lives since her birth. I had big plans to write up her birth story for you all and would still like to, but things have just been so crazy. This past Wed. we had to go to the ER with our little Ruth as she was running a high fever. We stayed there til Sunday morning, all three of us, as she was diagnosed with a UTI. We are all fine, but they still want to do a few tests on her to make sure all is well. We're not thrilled about any of it, and are still in disbelief about our luck. It's rare for a newborn to develop a UTI. She even had to have a spinal tap! Anyhow, just wanted to go ahead and post a few pictures of her, our finest flower. She is definitely the new light of our lives. She was born August 31st at 7:22, just hours before her due date, weighing in at 8 lbs 8 ounces. WOW!!!