Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The return of the veggies

well, after a long dry spell with produce, looks like we'll have a decent amount for opening market on Sat.  No longer can we sleep until 8 on Sat. mornings, have a leisurely cup of coffee, and read a few pages in the latest novel we're on.  In fact, probably no more novels until this fall, no more listening to the birds sing, no more dancing around while I cut flowers, Stuart won't be tumbling and doing aerial cartwheels going through the berry rows.  We're totally serious from here on out.  This Sat. we're going to have carrots, spinach, cress, radishes, green garlic, and possibly arugula.  And armfuls and more of tulips, anemones, ranunculus, delphinium, and daffodils.  If we're lucky a bouquet or two of poppies.   


sk said...

How exciting! I love this busy time of year. Your farm sounds lovely....I think I came across this blog via a post on Saipua, and then I happend to read about you all in that magazine article.
I hope to have a farm one day, or at least work full time at one. This week I've finally taken a step in that direction by changing my work schedule to accomodate a day off for volunteering at a local farm. Yay!

Randy Emmitt said...

Stuart and Alice,

Di d you use a photo from last year or is that a new harvest photo. If so it looks great. We've been to the Hillsborough Market a few times but no greens yet for us except some spinach. Helps to get there early doesn't it.