Thursday, June 20, 2013

Garden Fresh.

 So we contributed to a cookbook sometime last year and got a nice surprise in the mail a few weeks ago!  It is a really beautiful cookbook, well-done, with lots of great recipes.  Thank you Martha Holmberg for putting this together!  We sent in the radish/sugar snap pea recipe.  So healthy of us.  But of course I jump to the dessert section first and get fast to work....a strawberry cake first and then the cocoa beet cake which I just have to say is WOW.  WHOA.  So good.  Ridiculously good.  I feel a little more domestic this pregnancy; been spending more time in the kitchen.  I have been washing dishes (!)(what?!) and vacuuming.  Making full sours (don't worry, I just discovered what that meant a few weeks ago) and canned pickles and for this weekend am planning sweet and sour pickles and some more full sours and canned dills.  No, I'm not craving pickles all the time we just have a gangbuster crop of cucumbers this year.  Cucumbers and beets.
 But it's definitely not all gangbusters this season.  We've lost quite a bit from the garden with all this rain.  Luckily all the wet has kept the temperatures cooler, which makes it feel a little more alright.  And maybe we were due for a more challenging weather year to keep us on our toes.  Helps us be better planners, make wiser decisions.  So much of farming well is about planning.  Definitely a skill to hone.    

Monday, June 3, 2013

Rolling into June

We did it.  Got through May.  I got through the two wedding weekend smoother than imagined.  Another wedding coming up this weekend that should be very nice.  We have a big order of woody cut liners here from Spring Meadows waiting for some love.  A big order of perennials for cutting from North Creek (wow, what an awesome company).  Get me out of this annual cut rat race!  We have no idea where we are putting them.....(should I have admitted that?)...but sometimes it's all about the dive in with farming.  Also this year, peonies and blueberries.  I know, they have been on the list for years, but this is their time!  Our time!  Any time we have before second baby!  AAAGGGHHH!
Our produce is really starting to roll in with lots of delicious eating and amazement at what comes out of such a small space.  With a hell of a lot of effort and love.  It is time to start putting some food up---this is the week for strawberry jam (did I mention on the blog this is our worst berry season ever with all the rain?  Horrible, horrible.  Peak week we picked a measly 10-15 flats.  Disgusting.  Next year we are cutting back by half.)  And also the beginning of cucumber pickling.  Beet pickling.  And I'm so ready to eat that first tomato.  Patience, patience!