Saturday, August 27, 2011


“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”--Charles Darwin

So we're six days away from our due date. It's hard for me to move around, get up get down, walk, sleep, eat. I keep thinking I can't get any bigger, but sure enough, this baby keeps on growing (and the rest of me too). The last few weeks have been challenging for me, a test of endurance and patience as we move closer and closer to being full time parents. Stuart has been amazingly supportive and our workers, Emily and Adam, are heroes in my mind. I've been slowly working less and less as my body can only handle so much right now and I'm not getting much sleep. It's hard for me to not be at 100% on the farm. Surprisingly hard. I miss being able to shovel a bucket full of manure, carry a crate of onions, hand weed a desperate plant.....I know soon enough these things will be possible and necessary, but I also know everything is going to be different with a baby. But we can and will adapt and there will be new thresholds of experience to live and love.
Stuart left for market this morning in gusty winds and light rain from Irene. It was slightly painful helping him load the truck knowing that market would not be the bustling hubbub it takes to sell what all we bring. Flowers in particular are a much harder sell on a day like today. We definitely need the rain that Irene will bring, so I guess we should be thankful. We'll be able to shape and raise our strawberry beds and get things better prepared for fall. And if baby comes this week, I should be able to make a few killer bouquets from the leftovers, something for me to focus on during all the ruckus of labor. Crazy times!!!