Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sweet surprises

I was in a dark mood yesterday and happened to walk over to where the dahlias I planted way too late were and lo and behold! Blooms! Seeing the color and crispness of the flowers made me realize that, in their absence, I don't feel quite as fulfilled. I realized I am a flower and color addict.
I planted garlic (a little late) most of the day yesterday into wet soil. It was a misty dreary kind of day where the pillow beckons and there is a dull void feeling in my body and mind. Maybe that feeling is exhaustion. There was also a nice surprise when I weeded the strawberries. There were several potato plants coming up from ones we missed this spring when we dug them up. Some of them even had beautiful little new potatoes on them. A nice little something to brighten up the day.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Progression in Tulips

These are pictures from 2006-2009 of our main tulip markets. No laughing at year one please. That year was pre-Stuart on the farm. I love the notable difference in this past season's amount of produce on the table. We have come a long way!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our house is done!

O.K, so not really. These are pictures we got when we went up to Maryland on the fourth of July. This house has some awesome design elements---I love the six feet tall windows and window door. The kitchen is so nice the way it's open to this living area. I also love the half-wall and the brick porch. Fancy schmancy. The house was going for around 2.5 million if I'm remembering correctly. It was facing the Tred Avon river; obviously an expensive view. There were all kinds of really beautiful hydrangeas up north. I wonder if they're like the azaleas of the south. I can't wait to try to grow hydrangeas. azaleas, not really.
The good news is that we went to a Restore in Durham today, kind of like a thrift store for house renovations and building. There was some good-lookin bamboo flooring, brand new, but there was only 23 sq ft of it. Maybe next time we'll catch the bargain of the year. Maybe 1,000 sq feet of a nice dark walnut? There is a bigger store in Burlington that we'll get to soon.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stuart's Aunt and Uncle's place in NH

We saw the biggest sunflowers and carrots ever in their garden (Nancy is modeling the one pictured), beautiful birch trees, Julian's maple syrup making machinery, Bucco (their late bull they butchered whose head is still around), piles of wood everywhere, AND we got to pick out a Christmas tree for Stuart's parents. Thanks for having us you two, we loved it. I don't think I could make it through a winter though.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First floor sub-floor is in, + deck joists

Things l love this week

On our recent trip north, I indulged in a donna hay magazine because that is one of the things plane rides are good for. expensive magazines I would otherwise never buy. the recipes are awesome; there are some really great simple ones that we can use for our CSA. I might have to bite it and get a subscription. oh the pain.
I'm going to make this chicken soup in the next couple days cause I'm on a fall and winter mission to master chicken soup. And to find my soul along the way.
We've also been loving the last of the mole peppers from the garden. I've been putting them in most of our meals of late cause they are delicious.