Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stuart's Birthday---fun times with ringmaster Stu

What a day!  We all had so much fun going out and celebrating Stuart's 31st birthday.  With his traditional birthday mustache, Stuart was looking mighty like a circus showman---he even used some of our mushroom plugging wax to twist the ends---high stylin' and profilin'.  We went to the always delicious Crook's corner for dinner.  Shrimp and grits for me and Stuart, Erin had the cheese pork, and Ransom had the gumbo.  And of course the jalepeno hushpuppies for an appetizer.  SO FREAKING GOOD.  
This b-day card from Erin merited some laughs from all of us, especially since it looks like the chubby baby Stuart.  The inside reads "Oh Poop, another birthday."  Crook's has a great art exhibit up of all these basketball rims  in very different and unique places---they're all really really good shots as you can see from the one behind Erin and Ransom. And I wasn't going to bring up b-ball with the very sad UNC loss---but as I can blame it on Roy's lack of defensive strategy, blatant lack, it's all okay.  ITS ALL GOING TO BE OKAY.  I guess Stuart needed a good b-day present.  After Crook's we wandered down to the wine bar and stayed there for way too much wine.  I haven't been out that late maybe since our wedding.  Prematurely an old fart, you say?  Yes, it's true, but the late night was well worth the lack of sleep and hangover.  Happy birthday Stuart!!!! 


Kelly said...

Stuart and Alice--I am looking at about 15 tulips on our kitchen table and every time I look at them they seriously make me gasp cause they are so beautiful--also the amaryllis. Wanted y'all to know this rainy winter would be sucking a lot more if it weren't for your flowers. I could wax poetic for about two pages about them but I'll stop before I embarrass myself. Love Kelly and household

Kelly said...

Oh also--Happy Birthday-- sadness that we missed the festivities.

Alice and Stuart said...

Thanks for the flower love Kelly and gang. We have an obscene amount in our house right now, leftover from this past weekend---strange to have mixed feelings about a ton of flowers in the house, right? so glad we could be of help brightening up this cold and dark and seemingly endless winter.

Sushanth said...

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