Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Clover loves Ruby and Maxi

I just can't help myself with the dog pictures!!  We've been dogsitting this week and Clover continues to impress us with her social skills---far superior to mine for sure.  She is ever the playful, modest, mild, meek, loving girl.  She even stepped aside from her food so Ruby could dig right in, smiling and so happy to be able to give so much more than otherwise.  But as she is a food martyr, it didn't impress us all that much for her to hand over her food.   When her and Maxi play ball, some of her more competitive side comes out---she sidetackled Maxi yesterday going for the ball and Maxi was so upset she didn't even go after the ball for a throw or two to spite Clover, she just stood there, feathers ruffled and growling.  Ruby quickly diffused the situation with her cuteness and quick tongue.  How could one stay mad for long with Ruby around handing out kisses so freely?  


Jessica said...

Those are some super cute pups! One can easily see how they could bring you so much love and smiles.

Sara Foster said...

I miss my girls!! Seems like Ruby never wants us to come home, why would she? She has Clover and Stuart. . And I love the last photo of Maxi " Don't even think about going near my Sweet Potato."