Monday, December 30, 2013

Winter sets in.

 Feels like winter around here, winter with two little ones and a farm to run.  Short days going by in a blind fury like I'm caught in a blizzard of time and so much action out of my control.  Everything I want to do stays just out of reach, a peripheral sighting of sanity just at the edge of my vision.  It's amazing the strength it takes to breathe deep these days and remain calm.  I'm trying my best.
Despite my mothering mania and perpetual lack of sleep, our farm is doing well.  We are in the midst of deciding how we want next year to go.  How much we want to plant, how we want to change things.  I'm so, SO happy we got a perennial section in, even if it all dies.  That was our fall feat this year, especially with the ridiculously wet season we have had.  We had a record rainfall yesterday in our area.  All the fields around here looked like ponds, including ours.  We made it into the December edition of Our State Magazine.  Awesome picture of our booth, makes us proud.  And we even got to go for a pleasure walk at Ayr Mount with the family.  Love that place.