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Winter, guilt, and on being human.

Winter ice
melts into clean water---
clear is my heart.
---Death poem by Hyakka

 I love to read.  Love love love LOVE books.  Running a farm and being a parent of two is not really conducive to shoving a nose in a book and letting the world and myself fall away.  A run from my own mind into the mind of another.  As a child, my parents labeled me 'the escapist' when we were in family therapy for a while trying to work out the kinks of having six children and two very far from normal parents in one house.  The escapist seemed so wrong to me at the time, not nearly as cool an archetype as the one my brother Elijah got, the jester.  I think all I got from those sessions was a sense of guilt from not doing the dishes one night and my dad doing them for me, an episode that instigated long arguments and at least one whole session of therapy.  No wonder I have an aversion to therapy.  But back to books.
 I am able to find time at the very end of the day to dive into a novel.  I just finished reading Richard Flannagan's The Narrow Road to the Deep North, an intense novel about a Japanese run POW camp in WWII set in the jungles of Burma and Thailand.  So disturbing. I often don't take into account how reading a novel like this affects me day to day....mentally trying to process the horrors of mankind or the psychology of relationships.  There is a particular passage from Dorrigo, the main character, that really hit home.  It reads, "He thought of how the world organizes its affairs so that civilization every day commits crimes for which any individual would be imprisoned for life.  And how people accept this either by ignoring it and calling it current affairs or politics or wars, or by making a space that has nothing to do with civilization and calling that space their private life.  And the more in private life they break with civilization, the more that private life becomes a secret life, the freer they feel.  But it is not so.  You are never free of the world.  To share life is to share guilt.  Nothing could wash away what he felt."  I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel so burdened by the guilt of mankind  it drives me mad.  Its usually muddled with accrued personal guilt which makes it all the more confusing.  I haven't learned how to cope with it all yet; sometimes I feel like a walking volcano, but that could be too much coffee and not enough sleep.  I guess flowers are my escape as well as books.  Beauty helps me cope.  And cloud watching.

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busy busy bees

 So the super news is that our first session of our winter flower subscription is SOLD OUT!!!!  In record time no less.  It took less than a week---wow.  Social media can be a wonderful thing.  We still have some spaces for the second session, which will begin right around Valentine's Day, so give it a thought!  It still works for a great holiday present.  In other news around the farm, there is no rest for the weary, we are still going strong trying to clean up while still keeping up with the harvesting.  Trying to do some last minute wood cutting so we have some late winter wood.  And of course there are our girls to keep up with!  The biggest sweetest handful of all!  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winter Flower Subscriptions now available!

Okay everybody, so it's time to sign up for our 2015 Winter Flower Subscription.  Here are the details, it's going to be amazing.  [see happy winter flower subscriber in last picture]  

Also new this year, sign up a new member/friend and get 10% off your share!  We need you to help us recruit new members.  
2 Sessions available, each session runs 7 weeks for $100.  You could get both sessions for $200. 
Over the course of the 14 weeks, the following flowers will bloom for you---icelandic poppies, ranunculus, lilies, hyacinth, dahlias, anemones, tulips (!!!) 
There will be three options for your pick-up.  
1ST DELIVERY OPTION:  We will have a mid-week Wednesday Durham drop off located close to east campus/downtown TBA.  If anyone is interested in letting us use your house/porch for drop off, please let us know!  Flowers will be available for pick-up hopefully most of the day to work with everyone's schedule.   
  2ND DELIVERY OPTION: Mid-week Wednesday Chapel Hill drop off location TBA.  Will probably be at the old Foster's/new Root Cellar on MLK Jr. BLVD.  

3RD DELIVERY OPTION: Saturday pick up at the winter Durham Farmers' Market, from 10-12/noon.  

The first session will run from December 27th through the the 7th of February for Saturday members and for Wednesday members from the 31st of December through the 11th of February.  

The second session will run from February 14th through March 28th for Saturday members and for Wednesday members from February 18th through April 1st.  

 DISCLAIMERS:  So, these are winter flowers and they are very finicky.  I reserve the right to cancel a week due to inclement weather and/or lack of enough blooms.  Hopefully we will encounter neither of these problems, but it could happen.  If we miss a week it will be rescheduled so you will receive your full 7 weeks no matter what happens.
If you need to miss a week we allow for one week's rescheduling.  If you are going to miss more than 1 week, please give your flowers to a friend or loved one.