Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Research and Relaxation

I got to steal away Sunday morning for Mother's Day and go to Duke Gardens with my other best friend, my lovely momma.  A huge latte, radiohead, and a cool morning breeze on the car-ride in to one of my favorite places in the world---I was destined to have an amazing day.  My mom says its the negative ions in the air that make me feel so good when I'm there....but I think it could be that I didn't have to lift a finger to see such beauty translated through generations of hard work.  And gads of money from the university.  They have a new tree peony collection.  Everywhere you look in the Asian section there are 20 new HUGE tree peonies.  Around every bend.  I missed most of them blooming, so I have to schedule a visit at the appropriate time next year.  Not to be missed by this gal.