Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Under Attack!!!!

Just when I think everything is safe and sound and coming up roses!  We are under attack and the culprit is the devastating winter grain mite.  What?  What did I just say?  Winter grain mite????  Who even knew this creature existed?  Not I.  A tiny mm large olive colored bug with red/orange legs (what makes it so recognizable) is wreaking havoc on our ranunculus and anemones.  I am once again floored at the challenges of growing flowers. Sometimes its a walk in the park, sometimes it takes so much.  Probably doesn't help that Stuart, Ruth and I all came down with a wicked nasty flu bug and I'm coughing up my lungs as I try to control this pest.  So my plan is to spray Bullseye on them, a spinosad type OMRI approved spray, alternately with some kelp and nutritionally packed foliar sprays in the hopes that I can bring them back to healthy living.  Back to that nice healthy green.  Maybe that is why I succumbed to the flu; being so in tune with my favorite ladies I couldn't stand to feel healthy while they were being eaten alive.  No?  Too much of a stretch?  Perhaps.  Regardless, it hasn't been the best way to bring in the new year.  Let's hope I didn't wait too long on my death bed before getting out there to spray these suckers.