Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Let's Dance

This has been a wet season.  Dramatically wet.  Rain everyday for a over a month.  It's easy to make an analogy to dancing when it comes to how we work with the weather, but this year the dance has been taken over by a solo-performing-rain-making fool that just likes to watch himself parade around the dance floor and not care for a partner.  It's finally dried out enough for us to do some tractor work, possibly enough for us to plant some poor rootbound plants that have been camping out on the start table for a month too long.  We've moved on with the attitude of better luck this fall and winter.  The good news is that we picked an almost 3 1/2 lb tomato!  We made a crew lunch with it, bacon sandwiches with huge thick slices of the beast.  The sandwich will not be forgotten anytime soon it was so good!  
  As for the pregnant flower lady.....things are alright I suppose.  My belly is tight and this baby moves around 2-3 times as much as Ruth did.  I'm ready to hold the baby in my arms instead of my belly, but I have 8 more weeks to lug it around and deal with rough back pain.  I'm trying to propagate dahlias so I can have an amazing flower display in early winter, but it's proving harder than I thought.  Wish me luck, I could use it!