Sunday, November 29, 2009

Slave to the Shovel

Shovel, o shovel, what must I do?
700 ft of water soaked earth
is not enough for you.
raise the beds high!!
raise the beds high!!
or the tulips and ranunculus will DIE.
but my back, I say,
my back has lost feeling
and my hamstring is burning
and i just want to rest.
Rest is overrated, slave.
Dig deep! dig deep! and let the mud fly
or the tulips and ranunculus will DIE

So let's just say the shovel has been my best friend of late AND impromptu poetry is probably not my thing. I got lucky today though and convinced Stuart he should help me finish planting the remaining bulbs.
Just some iris left to go. Another few lucky notes pictured below.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

House colors?

So we've decided on a white tin roof cause a white roof is a green roof. The 'Arctic white' color that we like has a 65% total solar reflectance value. To be energy star certified, it must be 25%. However, a white roof brings some dilemmas as well; we are having trouble deciding what color to paint the exterior walls. We'd like something light. Our windows are going to have a rich dark brown trim, and we're thinking our doors will be stained dark brown as well. any color suggestions? We have to paint it soon, in the next couple weeks. Decisions, decisions.
The interior is now all backframed; we are currently waiting on the windows and doors. While we wait for those we may go ahead and paint the exterior walls and then get the tin on the roof. The pictures show our bathrooms framed in, one upstairs and then the master bathroom with storage space above.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

CSA 2010: Now signing up new members

We are now signing up members for our 2010 CSA. The CSA will last for twenty weeks starting in late April or early May (this is timed with the strawberries coming in) and end sometime in September. Each week our members receive a box full of Bluebird Meadows finest and tastiest seasonal vegetables. These vegetables are much fresher than most anything you can find in a grocery store which makes them healthier and tastier as well. You will also be supporting your local farmers and taking part in a national movement towards a sustainable future.

Regular share--$360 which comes to around $17-18 in your box per wk.
Full share--$510 which comes to around $25 worth of produce per week, great for families or people who love to cook
Flower share--$170 each flower share member will receive a fresh bouquet to brighten their week, averages to an $8 bouquet.


Falconbridge neighborhood near I-40 and 54 Members can pick up their share from 3:30-6:00

Foster's Market of Chapel Hill on Airport Rd. This is a great site as you can get some additional goodies from Foster's. If you haven't tried their macaroons, coconut cake, or whopper cookies, you are missing out! We will drop off boxes here around 2:30 and you have until 7:00pm to pick them up

Saturday Morning
Durham Farmers Market from 8-12:00
This location has a very limited number of vegetable shares, so if you know you want this site, let us know!

We are also very open to creating a new drop off location somewhere in the Hillsborough, Chapel Hill, Carrboro area. We like to have a minimum of 20 members per site, so if you are part of an organization that you think would be interested, just let us know.

We would of course love to have you with us for the season.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Raise the roof

So the rafters are all up and the roof has plywood and tarpaper on it so that our house is now waterproof......thank goodness cause we got four inches of rain yesterday and it is supposed to rain all day today as well. We have standing water pretty much everywhere in our field and even in a couple beds in the hoophouse. It's pretty depressing and I'm trying to not think about it. On the brighter side, our house is moving along at a nice clip, thanks mostly to this fella, Keith. If you ever need a builder who really knows what he's doing and is efficient, call this guy.
We think that if he wanted to, he could run through our concrete walls....and then have them back up by the end of the afternoon. Putting up the rafters in the main room was really difficult, but these guys knocked it out in a day, even with our ghetto scaffolding. Amazing.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009