Monday, April 27, 2009

April 25th Market

Not really so much stuff---I was able to do market by myself while Stuart got ready for the farm tour.  The only bad thing about market by myself---not being able to shop at market!  Looks like this coming Sat. we're going to have lots more produce, including the exciting addition of strawberries.  Not many, but enough to get people excited.  Arugula, cress, three kinds of radishes, and lettuce heads can also be found at our booth this coming Sat.  We'll also be adding the first of the agrostemma as a cut flower.  


jennifer said...

beautiful stuff, as always.

you commented a while ago on my "mini garden" of raised veggie beds and said if i wanted to talk flowers, let you know.

well, i've started to get my heart set on a special cut-flower garden that's for arrangements only. any of your expert advice would be greatly appreciated.

here are my questions/criteria:
- i'd like to start everything from seed (or bulb) if i can (cheaper, more varieties, possibly all heirloom varieties?) so varieties that aren't incredibly hard to start from scratch would be great
- i love colorful flowers (but i like whites too), lots of texture and diversity, and longish vase life
- i'll probably pick a sunny spot, so all partial/full sun plants
- my biggest dilemma: i'd like to have flowers that bloom across the whole growing season, with a couple different flower types per "phase" and flowers that do well in my zone (7a). (I seem to only pick flowers that grow in just the spring, or just the late summer - i need flowers for the whole spectrum)



Vera said...

Lovely! any idea when the CSA will kick on? I'd love to see some of those lovely carrots in my box of goodies! : )

phoebe said...

As always your photos just cry out to be framed! I want those carrots and every single flower I see. I'm glad you had a good day at Market. Hug Mark for us when you see him.