Monday, April 6, 2009

Pad Thai with bacon, spring onion, radishes, and....beet greens?

Okay, so I know it probably sounds gross, but actually----amazingly delicious.  I rarely attempt beet greens because too many times they have turned out a miserable attempt at cooking a green with not so good of a reputation.  But lo and behold, tonight's attempt took them out of their lower tiered ranking.  We were planning on using spinach, but we got home and had forgotten to cut any, so beet greens it was. 
These are heirloom beets, touchstone gold and chiogga.  We had them quick pickled on the side for an added treat.  Stuart wouldn't let me buy any beets at market so I was forced to turn to our diminutive version.  The radishes were also a treat.  I've only cooked them once before but they were better tonight.  And of course Fickle Creek bacon ups the status of any meal at our house, as do my chopsticks from the Portland Japanese garden gift store.