Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Piedmont Farm Tour

This year we're excited to be a part of the 14th annual Piedmont Farm Tour.  We doubt we'll get too many visitors because people seem drawn to animals and proximity.  It turns out this farm tour is the largest sustainable farm tour in the US.  And the shirt logo this year?  Carrots?  How appropriate we begin this year as they are one of our favorite things to both grow and eat.  We'll be weeding weeding weeding, mowing, and weedeating this week to get things looking good.   The bad thing about the tour is that it's going to be exhausting.....Sat. and Sun. from 1-6pm.  Our sacred rest time.  I suppose sacrifices are necessary sometimes.  Hopefully more field flowers will be blooming this weekend; things are a bit sparse now due to the cold and wet winter and early spring.  Right now there are just a very few batchelor buttons blooming and some poppies.    


Kat said...

i hear that robot technology is beginning to appoximate humanness; you could 'hire' a couple of 'robes, dress them up in A&S garb, and send them out to the fields to tour the folks around. hold firm to your rest time!!! tee hee. i was just in VA for a wedding, Charlottesville to be exact, still in the piedmont i think, and BOY, it was absolutely beautiful.

Randy Emmitt said...

Alice and Stuart,

Count on seeing at least two on the tour, Meg and I are coming to visit. As you guys are fairly close to us and we are visiting the northern section of the tour.

terrence said...

Cool to meet you guys if just briefly on Sat. Hope to come to the farm and tree a groundhog soon. Kung Foo Hustle oh yeah!

phoebe said...

Hi guys, I wish Gary and I could be there for the Farm Tour! As usual your photos are glorious and I would love to see your blooms in person. And eat some of those mushrooms! Give Mark a hug for us when you see him! Phoebe

Randy Emmitt said...

Stuart and Alice,

I did a post on our blog about the tour see http://rlephoto.blogspot.com/2009/04/piedmont-farm-tour.html

Enjoyed our visit very much today and meeting you.