Sunday, May 10, 2009

eat, drink, and be merry

Yes, we are still alive.  Barely breathing as we've been so busy, but yes, alive.  We've been finding odd vegetables, eating delicious ones, and drinking lots of good wine.  May is a month of speed, a month of blurriness, a month of falling behind in planting, weeding, downtime, and laundry.  We house/kitty-sat for three weeks in April and early May (the sauna-pool-hottub house....we know, life can be so rough) and the house had a few clematis plants around the property.  At the flower growing conference in Portland last fall there was a session on clematis from a grower out in Cali.  I have since been smitten with all the varieties and now when I see one it is like looking at a lover from afar, wanting and needing what the flower could provide for me and I for it.  To see something so beautiful and to know there will be no consummation for years; to know that I must bide my time with mere annuals, watching them come and go so quickly while my heart keeps a perennial rhythm to the cadence of growth of clematis, hydrangea, viburnum, peonies, vitex, etc.  Oh to want......

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