Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tree peony, shitakes, and composting toilets

Great things are happening on the farm.  The tree peony is blooming and the fragrance is something I could lose myself in, gladly.  I thought it would look more like a single, but it's ruffled just like the regular peony.  Last year it budded up but never bloomed, so this is a real treat.  I want to be with it all the time.  Weirdo, you say?  Maybe you're the weirdo.  Our shitake logs are loaded with mushrooms....we were able to sell some to Panciuto this week and also have enough for the first thirty minutes of market.  and enough for breakfast omelets in the morning.  Last but not least of the great things---a composting toilet is being built on the farm!!!  Our friend Gerard has willingly been contracted out to build us this mighty throne.  We'll have more facts about toilets soon; we know you're excited about these facts, so we'll revisit it soon, think patience.  


Phil Moore said...

I'm impressed with the Shiitake logs do you find them economically viable? we tried them but couldn't much fruiting.

Look forward to seeing the compost toilet develop, could be an important development in the future

Regards Phil

Bornay said...

This tree peony is amazing!!!! :)

aburtch said...

I'm fascinated by the Shiitake logs... can you explain how you set them up, seed them, and harvest?

Sarah said...

how much for that peony? I'll take it. can you fedex overnight?

Jim Iverson said...

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