Monday, November 28, 2011

Ruth learning her vegetables!

She has all the ingredients to make a great stir-fry, she says. We went to the urologist today and it looks like she will be on a low grade antibiotic for a few months (!) as a preventative measure. The urologist is thinking (and hoping) that it is an immune system glitch that will work itself out as she gets older and develops more. If when we take her off the antibiotics she gets another, then it is most likely some anatomical abnormality that has not thus far been detected by the tests she has gone through, and she will need more tests at that point. Our poor little dumpling.
I hope to blog about the farm happenings soon! Lots of bulb plantings and planning going on.


Sara said...

Hi Alice,
I've been following you ever since your Bon Appetit article. It's been great to watch your farm, house and family grow! Congratulation on the birth of little Ruth.
Have the doctors checked the condition of her ureters? Sometimes if there's a kink in one of them it can cause the UTI's as well as kidney problems.
Good luck, and I hope her condition improves very soon.

Alice and Stuart said...

Hey Sara! Nice to meet ya.
They did a VCUG test and a renal ultrasound which probably covered checking out the ureters....but we will definitely ask about this the next appointment we have with them to make sure. Anything to figure out what is going on! Thanks for reading :)