Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birthday wishes

So world, today is my birthday. It has been a great day. I woke up to my daughter smiling smiling smiling and cooing, which of course made me smile and coo back. I got some great presents, and many wonderful birthday calls. I cut my first decent bunch of anemones that are now gracing our table, sounding out their glory. Ruth got to ride my brother's tortoise, Percival, which was oh so entertaining. Stuart shaved his beard for me, so I am now able to see his beautiful face.
This past Sunday we had to go back to ER with Ruth as she had a 103 temperature. Yet another UTI. That's 3 in 10 weeks. Another round of antibiotics. Luckily she did not have to have a spinal tap this time and we did not have to be admitted. But it was a high stress day and morale has been a little low since. The doctors are telling us our case is 'interesting.' Not a good thing. We now have an appointment with a urologist in a couple weeks. So this year my birthday wish is for Ruth to not have anymore infections and for all this to be over. It's so frightening, the fragility of a small body. Yet at the same time she is so tenacious, so strong. We'll get through this. Maybe she just needs more magical tortoise rides. Her new favorite mode of transportation.


James Robinson said...

Great pictures! Happy birthday, Alice. And actually, you and Sarah have the same birthday! Pretty cool! Give my best to Stuart and Ruth.

Molly Parks said...

Can Addy come ride that turtle with Ruth? Where is that?? Love it- thinking of you all and hoping that she continues to stay healthy
-Molly and John

Kelly said...

Hey yall--we've been thinking about you three a lot. Baby Ruth is obviously such a beautiful unique healthy baby---she gonna be all good.
I'm sorry we missed your birthday Alice--it's on my calendar now though so we'll be showing up next year with a clown, pony rides....you know.
All my wishes are for Ruth from now on (although she's probably not thinking much about her urinary tract and would probably wish for a breast milk fountain, a chariot of tortoises or lots of bright shiny objects)
Miss y'all and would love to hang out soon.

Sarah said...

tell you what i'm really concerned about - the size of ruth's cheeks. as a big cheeked girl, i know how cheeks can get out of control - FAST. someone should talk to her, and maybe it should me. those cheeks are in for lots of cheek pinching and she needs to be warned.