Monday, May 2, 2011

One thing after another......

That is how it's been around here lately. Friday, our crazy day, we had plans to irrigate everything in the hoophouses and the fields and our pump decides not to work. "We'll deal with this later, we have to get ready for market!" Friday late night, instead of partying it up like we always do (heehee), Stuart tries to deal with the pump and I'm arranging flowers til I can't see straight anymore. You know you've hit a wall when the flowers no longer seem beautiful and moving but instead take on a dimension of hell. Never a good thing.
Saturday evening, we arranged to borrow a pump from a friend and Sunday morning, while cutting the must-cut blooms, the rounds begin. Unfortunately I forgot to check the pressure gauge after starting up a round. The pump we borrowed was a little bit stronger than the one we had and so it cracked our sand filter. Way to go genius. But nothing a good cry in the squash patch won't fix. I think I irrigated half of them with my tears. Sometimes the floodgates open and all the strange flotsam and jetsam collecting spills on out, anxieties and exhaustion revealed, the intangible emotions manifested in some water molecules running down my face. The pond pump and I both had cracked from too much pressure. I'm thinking days like this are never a good time to evaluate your choice of career.


Floret Flowers said...

Ah, I can so relate to this right now!

A good cry (I hide in the hoophouse ) is often all you need to get straightened out again. But if that fails, I've found that hocking a few empty canning jars at the side of the garage is super healing too!
Spring is wicked intense. I always forget just how insane this whole "farming" thing really is until we are knee deep in spring.
Sending lots of love your way!

Kat said...


Anonymous said...

this is precisely what i needed to hear right now. spring is something crazy!