Friday, May 20, 2011

Roller coaster rides

The roller coaster is finally slowing down with just our CSA potluck today as the grand finale of a long line of busy-ness; we're talking non-stop, head-spinning activity and not enough sleep. But it has been good. Great markets, awesome women getting married, smooth strawberry season. Hopefully I'll have more time to blog now, and more time for better pictures :) Didn't get any of the white wedding table arrangements, but maybe we'll get some from the wedding photographer. Happy Sunday to everyone!


Floret Flowers said...

As I staggered in last night after another 14 hr. day of farm hustle I thought of you and how you are managing this pace while growing a little one too. Amazing! I hope you get the needed rest you deserve now that the roller coaster has slowed a little :)

Floret Flowers said...

P.S. the flowers are BEAUTIFUL!