Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 24th Market; Farm Pictures

A successful market yesterday!!! The previous three of four Saturdays were pretty dismal weather, especially last weekend when NC was hit with the most tornadoes in recorded history in one day....something like 25. One came within two miles of our farm around 3ish last Saturday, but with minimal damage. We feel VERY lucky.
The strawberries are in, and we're having a slight gap with flowers. We're about to get iris, batchelor buttons, and sweet william from the field though, so it shouldn't be long. I will miss the ranunculus. The lemon and violet colors might just be my two new favorites this year. I did miss having a bright orange one though. Next spring.
Our farm is looking so good right now. We always have to take in as much as we can around late-April early May when the farm looks it's best. The weeds are still under control, crimson clover abounds with it's stunning red blooms covered with honeybees (not to mention it's nitrogen-fixing benefits), and things just look so healthy at this point.
This week we have LOTS of planting and direct seeding to do, and we kicked off our CSA this Saturday. Life just became a blur from now til' the first week of Sept. when CSA ends and baby is born. Hopefully we can find some time for ourselves amidst the chaos cause life can be so beautiful in the stillness.
Oh yeah, I bought a duck yesterday at market from Dave at Elodie Farm. Nice work Dave!!! I'm so excited because I've never cooked one but love duck meat. Let's hope I can find a good recipe this morning and make something worthwhile and memorable out of it.

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Floret Flowers said...

My fav. orange Ranunc is La Bella "new orange" . Stronger stems, fuller heads and no singles like the orginal orange.