Thursday, May 12, 2011

Good Eats

These are the days I've been thinking about all winter. I knew a point in time would come when dinner would consist of extravagant amounts of fresh vegetables with a small showing of some form of protein on the side. Sugar snap peas go in every dish as their appearance is so brief; strawberries haven't gotten old yet--this weekend I'm finally going to try the strawberry marscapone tart with port glaze I've been meaning to get to for two years now; we have some cauliflowers weighing in over 2 lbs---we just want to stare at them all day and hold them with both hands as we're mesmerized by their size.
Life is good. We keep saying to each other if we can just get through May.....if we can just get through May. We have a big wedding next weekend that I'm pretty excited about. The bride wants a very elegant color theme of all white with a small, allowable percentage of green. It's going to be beautiful, and, as I'm in attendance, I should be able to get some great photos.

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