Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The belly is showing now and I've felt the baby move a couple times. We're at 18 weeks here so that means two weeks away from halfway. Amazing how time flies.
Yesterday I tried to save a swallowtail from our hoophouse; I think it may have been in there for too long cause it wouldn't fly away from me. I had it in my hair, on my back, in my hand for a while. I felt lucky to share some time with it.
Clover wanted to show-n-tell everyone about her new favorite ball from uncle Aubrey. She always has it close and if, by chance, you're around, she'll show off her amazing catching skills. And last but definitely not least, Stuart wants to show off the big hoophouse almost ready for tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Freshly amended, tilled, and ready for the coming heat, we'll be planting in here today.


Floret Flowers said...

thanks for sharing all of your joys!

Randy Emmitt said...


Just barely showing. So how will you pollinate the hoop house? Guessing it'll be open for bees to get in by the time the flowers come in.

Phoebe said...

congratulations! We look forward to seeing y'all next visit-and someday, the baby! Phoebe Overbay

Adam Gori said...

Hey, we're just eight weeks behind you with the mommy factory thing! :) I love the pics on the blog. Are you using an art filter or something on your cam? Very atmospheric.