Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Local Hare?

A couple of weeks ago a hunting troupe was on the property right next to us, dogs howling all day with intermittent shots firing off. Clover barking incessantly when any of the men came too close to our property line. Stuart disappeared at the end of the day for a while; I thought he was just going to get the mail, but when he returned he didn't just have the mail. He also had been gifted a freshly shot wild hare for us to have for dinner.
We quickly looked online for technique on butchering rabbit. Stuart was very brave and gutted the thing with his hand, lifting out this one line of intestine with a row of perfectly formed pellets, glistening like brown beads within the lining. It was all fairly gross. But we threw together a quick roast and it was pretty good, considering it was our first attempt at rabbit meat. Next time I'm thinking some kind of asian twist. It was very generous of our neighbor; we think he had shot three on the outing. Stuart and I like to think it was the rabbit eating our ranunculus in the hoophouse.

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