Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Countertops: The pour

Well, they are curing as we speak and we think they should turn out really well. We have to wait around five days before we remove the forms and flip them over so they can air dry some more. We only did one inlay, can't wait to show it off. I got a really nice tile as a present last year and we put that in one of the more visible corners. I had wanted to get some glass tiles but just ran out of time....and they are expensive new. There was definitely a learning curve to the process of pouring, so we just hope they come out resembling each other.


Randy Emmitt said...

Looks pretty good so far! Can't wait for the unveiling.

Vera said...

my .02 cents. seal the HECK out of those countertops!!! really, i couldnt be more serious! I've had concrete countertops in my house since moving in (2004), and though we sealed them moderately with a sealer...its a very very porous surface--expect things to get in the little dips and crevices. breadmaking or pasta making isnt so great on it for those reasons. it doesnt really stay cold the way stone does.

it will stain, so clean it immediately. paper will stick to it and leave some behind if its wet and accidentally left to dry. it will definitely shatter a glass if put down too

i know this advice comes a bit too late, but i wish i would have heard this. we'll be replacing the countertop as soon as we're able, likely with something like paperstone.