Sunday, February 20, 2011

Countertops are done

They are in!!! And we like them even more than we thought we would. Stuart slurried them and let that dry, then sealed them thoroughly (thanks for the warning Vera) several times over, and then waxed them twice. We needed some strong guys to help us lift, so my brother and his friend came over (brother in green) and helped
Stuart lift and place the heavy tops. [As baby is now the size of a lime, I'm very much less inclined to lift anything heavy. It's strange as it feels like I lose a little power that way, having to ask for help. So it goes.] Now our kitchen is one step closer to being done. We have a sink and dishwasher (hoping to write some of this dishwasher off as it's main purpose is to save me hours a week washing vases) waiting to be installed, hopefully in the next couple days.
That just leaves trim, a backsplash, an island built, pantry door, shelves for the pantry......hmmmm. Let's just savor this one job being done. We should be able to get our official CO by the end of the week!

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Randy Emmitt said...

Alice and Stuart,

The counter tops look great! Now you can cook all those goodies you grow in the kitchen a little easier.