Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hard to love the shorties

Not sure what is going on with the tulips we're forcing. Two of three varieties we got in Dec. are blooming out at 6 inches or shorter.....a length that makes it impossible to sell and makes me feel like a bad flower grower. Not impressed. The third variety, the red one, is doing fantastic, with nice long stems and a knockout color. The mice are unable to resist the beauty and have worked their way through about 30-40 stems already, paying no attention to our many traps set about. Little buggers.


Floret Flowers said...

I'm having the same problem with 3 mixes from Gloeckner. That's about 1,500 bulbs lost. Sucks!!
I'm saving them for vase bouquets since short is fine for those.

Alice and Stuart said...

Erin-Ednie's says they'll refund us for the bulbs, 1200 of them. gloeckner should do the same for you if any are totally un-saleable!