Monday, June 7, 2010

June 5th Market

Slower than usual. We had big huge 'stop the press' plans to pickle a ton of leftover cucumbers and possibly some squash....gathered all the goods for said endeavor.....and then took a nap instead on Sunday. soooooo, we're betting on more leftover cukes next week to actually complete these ambitious plans. Customers LOVE safflower. I think I will plant more next year. skip the lilies, more safflower. done.


Frank Hyman said...

Hey love your pics and posts. Read about you at Piedmont Plots.

And nice to find someone who's seen Antonia's Line. You might also like Sweet Land.

I live in Durham and my wife and I are Just back from working on some organic farms in Provence. Blogged about it some at

Will look for you at the farmer's market.
Frank Hyman

Bornay said...

Love Dalias! and all the products you always show!


vfree said...

Noooo. Please don't skip the lilies, they are among our favorites!