Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Scabiosa, Monarda (lemon mint), Ammi. June is the month of the mixed bouquet. Too many flowers that wouldn't sell as a straight bunch. I love scabiosa. Horrible name, sounds like a witch's disease. I grew it great my first season and haven't been able to grow it well since. I can't resist trying though.
Don't mistake the wild poison hemlock with Queen Anne's Lace. We had a furious customer storm up one day and ask us if we grow Queen Anne's Lace. 'Yes we do'.
'Well you shouldn't! I was driving along and saw some on the side of the road so I stopped and cut some and got this horrible itchy rash that has been bothering me all week.'
At the time I didn't know about poison hemlock, so I was taken aback and made to feel like I was doing something very wrong. I told her I've never reacted that way to it. She said I shouldn't grow it for liability reasons. I said I would think about it. So mind your poisonous plants everyone and we'll mind the furious customers.
I have heard asclepias plants and 'snow on the mountain' will produce a sap that can cause some serious skin irritations so we don't grow those even though I think they're lovely. Those green hairy balls? C'mon, what fun. And snow on the mountain, with some nice reds? Gorgeous.


Victor said...

keep fighting the good fight and cutting the great flowers!

thepoisongarden said...

There are so many white flowering, fern-like plants around at this time of year that it can be hard to know which is which. Especially if, like Queen Anne's lace, the name gets applied to more than one plant.

I do sympathise with you about furious customers. I'm not sure I've mastered the art of dealing with someone who tells you 'It's illegal to grow such and such' or 'Hundreds of people die every year because of so and so'. There has to be a way of telling them they are talking nonsense without calling them stupid but I don't think I've got it.

Sprout said...

I had a bride who wanted me to incorporate some of her own home grown flowers into the wedding arrangements. She showed up with bucket after bucket of wild hemlock! I had to tell her no way. Never agreed to do that again.

As for rashes, I have uber sensitive skin and anything in the euphorbia family like snow on the mountain is banned from my store.