Monday, May 31, 2010

Blue flowers blue walls

This past weekend was crazy. Friday it seemed we were all moving like sloths and harvesting like turtles. Just not a day with a clip to it. Mentally not with it either. We didn't even get around to harvesting everything. I had a big wedding to arrange Sat. afternoon and Sunday, so perhaps I was conserving energy? who knows. It was down to the wire getting it all arranged. I only had time to take a few shots of the bridal bouquet as we rushed out the door (even though I wanted to parade it around the neighborhood shouting it's glory I was so proud of it). So much for adding to the portfolio.

We had our interior walls painted on Friday, all but the bathrooms. A few great choices and a couple complete bombs. John Deere tractor green is just not very attractive on a wall. It makes me want to hurl whenever I look at it. I knew before it went on it was a bad choice for us (we have a kubota for pete's sake!), but I thought, just maybe.....and then our bedroom. Bouyant blue. Think baby boy blue amped up on speed. When I first saw it I couldn't believe how bright it was. It was the lightest color on the swath of blues it was on, but oh no. We're trying to decide if we can live with it or not. Definitely not the green, but maybe the blue. So it's back to the color charts for us which is kind of like a mild form of torture. Too much pressure to have the right colors that work. Too many choices. Too many more choices and I could quite possibly experience internal combustion.
What do I really want to be doing, you ask? I want to be lounging like this lady, perhaps without the shoes, next to a waterfall, eating raspberries and looking at a sea of flowers I don't have to cut or figure out how to sell. Speaking of Eden, we saw the biggest black snake any of us has ever seen on the farm on Friday. HUGE!!! ENORMOUS!!! I was walking back a bucket of cuts and there it lay, soaking up the rays and thinking about how fat and healthy and happy it was til' it noticed me staring at it. We're talking four inch diameter, six feet long beast. It was so beautiful. I can't believe I didn't have my camera on me. We marveled at it's grace and slithering ways for a while, and then it was back to work.

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Sarah said...

this bouquet is so perfectly beautiful alice. i love it