Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If you don't know now you know

Kale Chips. The bombdiggity. The gooddittybittybombshell. Do people still say that, 'that is the bomb'???.....of course they don't. I sometimes live in a time warp. You're the bomb. Did you know that? You're coldbusted too. Dag cuz, for real though.
Seriously, if you haven't tried these, YOU MUST. I think they should serve them hot in bars cause the salt pairs beautifully with a good beer and they are so much healthier than fries or wings. Tuscan kale seems to work the best, but the red russian works too. We haven't tried the good ol' winterbor. Bet it works though. Set oven to 400, wash and de-stem kale, coat with olive oil and sprinkle with some coarse salt, and lay out on a baking pan. Keep an eye on them once they go in the oven, they cook really fast. Your looking for a crispness, but not all brown. Good luck and godspeed.
Last week for batchelor buttons. We have a wedding this weekend that I'm excited about. I got a big beautiful bucket of whites from Peregrine Farm, a local favorite for flowers (and when I say big and beautiful, I mean whoa, there isn't much else as heavenly as a big bucket of whites), and I hit up a neighbor two houses down for some blue hydrangeas. A lovely woman who let me trade her some veggies. So I'm all set, I just need to conjure up my arranging genie.

Last week for sugar snaps. Not the last week for summer squash. They are officially out of control.


Bonnie said...

I LOVE kale chips!! They are the bomb, you are so right.

aburtch said...

Wow! Those kale chips are really incredible. Thanks for sharing the recipe.