Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You are beginning to feel sleeeeepppppyyy

I have slept more these past three days than I have been awake. Three to four hour naps don't phase me. 10-12 hours of sleep at night don't phase me either. I'll take it when I can get it. We have had a washout at the farm. I bet we got 6-8 inches yesterday. We went to the farm and flowers were all over the ground, three inch deep puddles were everywhere, and I tried hard to pull myself together. We desperately needed the rain.....it's just hard to see the nicest campanula I've ever grown drowning on the ground. So I slept. We'll deal with the aftermath today.
Stuart's brother Ransom and his wife Lauren came to visit this past week. You can see them here worshipping the Sungold deity. I wish I could've gotten the whole ritual dance on video. They were fantastic to have around.....not many siblings (none of mine) are willing to help you pick strawberries for four hours on hands and knees. Thanks you two, we loved seeing you!
Other news----our septic system is in and our house site has been graded. They put down some really nice topsoil around the house, so it looks like whatever landscaping we do the plants should be happy.
We're so close to being done with the exterior. Maybe two-three more full days and it'll be done? We'll have to have an exterior-being-done celebration.


Victor said...

Hey guys, sorry to hear about the washed out berries and flowers....the house is looking great though and the blog's new masthead picture is a favorite!

john said...

Just surfed on in here and have to say that is a beautiful house, keep up the good work,