Sunday, April 28, 2013

Local. Durham. Flowers. (and produce of course).

 Push on through.  Don't think.  That would be a mistake.  Your downfall.  Definitely don't think about how nice resting would be....sitting in a hammock and closing my eyes under those massive wind chimes I'll be getting for myself at some point in this flash of a lifetime....drinking the best blood mary ever that takes over an hour to make and then taking an uninterrupted nap that lasts several hours and waking up to a freshly run super hot bath in a luxurious and deep clawfoot bathtub with the best written fast paced love story from the last decade.....WAITWAITWAITWAIT!!!!!!!  STOP!!!!!  NOT YOUR LIFE ALICE!!!!!!  Wake up you fool and go cut flowers.
 Last night Stuart and I made an evening trek to Durham to hear Michael Pollen speak at Motorco.  I must say it was awesome besides having to stand up the whole time after a very very long Friday of work and Saturday market.  I really wanted to meet him and get him to sign his new book but I just couldn't take the crowd and standing anymore, so we left a little early to get some precious rest.  He gave us both much to think about and question.
 I would write more, but time is ticking.  Some captions for pics below......a beautiful  bright wedding we did this past weekend.  I absolutely loved the colors, so cheerful.  Our new hoophouse, holy hell thank you NRCS for covering most of it.  May it grow bountiful delicious produce.  And our new part time worker Renee Gaudet.  She IS SO SO SOOO wonderful and we are so lucky to have her with us.  Along with Emily and Adam, I don't think it gets any better.

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Kelly said...

Man oh man that is a crazy hoopla of flowers--all so perfect--I'll just say damn!! Get in that tub girl.