Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A springtime bunny is eating all our carrots; spring flower convergence

Whew, it has been a little crazy around here.  Flowers coming out of my ears.  All of the ranunculus have protested the sudden near 90 degree days after holding holding holding for so long; they had a meeting and decided they would all bloom over a two-three week period.  Not too many nonconformists among them.  Despite having planted them over a course of two months.  Thanks ladies.  
We took 13 buckets of them to market on Sat.  A total of over 30 buckets of flowers.  Holy crap.  Not sure the weather will be as kind this coming Sat. but here's crossing my fingers sales are just as good! 
 I couldn't have done it all without my right hand flower woman Emily--thanks Em, you make it bearable.  Ruth is coming along as a flower helper herself....she usually pulls up the whole plant at this point, but I think she gets the gist of it.  Apologies for the terrible pictures from market.  I forgot the camera in the whirlwind of spring flower madness!


Barbara Stevens said...

Hello Alice, are you at the State Farmer's Market or Carborro? I'm local- Durham -and would like to stop by for some flowers. Do you have a u-pick option at the farm? Ruth is adorable and the picture of health. Thanks, Barbara.

Barbara Stevens said...

I read your info and will have to stop by the Durham Farmer's market for some flowers and produce. Coincidentally, I was at Duke Gardens on the 27th and saw a wedding being set up. I was told that the gorgeous flowers were from Bluebird Meadows!