Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 23rd market, post market

We had a great market yesterday.  We were out of everything by 11:20!  I did it by myself and it was a little bit crazy, but the amount of stuff we had didn't warrant another helper, so customers had to wait a little.  Oh the ebb and flow of winter market.  Once our hoophouse produce ends, there is going to be a nasty produceless gap for us; it'll be a little like going to market naked, like the moment of first sin....we'll feel judged, people might even want to cast stones at us.  We understand.  We all have expectations, needs to be met.  
We are experiencing a bit of a flower lull right now, particularly in the tulip department.  Our 3,000 yet to bloom are holding tight.  Easter weekend is next weekend and everyday I go check on them and I think they actually laugh at me when I get up close, all up in their foliage, checking to see where the hell the bud is.  Oh, there it is.  Way down at the bottom.  So our luck goes this year.
I had to rush back from market yesterday so we could get some much needed tractor work done.  A very small window for us to get into the soil as it is going to rain all day today.  Stuart was on the tractor til 7pm, trying desperately to get some beds ready for us to plant.  So far this year, every bed we have planted in has been too weedy for my taste, a little too much chickweed still lingering; it's like carelessly, recklessly, hastily washing a bacteria-ridden vase or bucket meant for flowers without using a disinfectant.  There will be consequences and it won't be pretty.
And be sure to check out our beautiful field of lavender below!  Who know we could grow such beautiful purple flowers!  No more overwintering direct seeded crops.  Just say no to hours and hours of weeding henbit and thinning.  Just say no.

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