Thursday, March 7, 2013

Love of the week

Been waiting on these beauties for several months.  Well worth the wait.  Hyacinth, four shades of tulips, icelandic poppies, and anemones this weekend!  Finally, some flowers for the masses.  (Not to mention the most beautiful green butterhead we have ever grown.)  The ranunculus have decided to hold tight for a bit, but with a 71F day in the forecast, not sure they will hold on too much longer. 
 I've gotten hold of some amazing catalogs of late.  I can go the direction of design and variety, or keep plugging away at what will make market best for us.  Kind of a tough crossroad with some tough decisions to face.  Feels like I've hit a permanent state of limbo and some clarity would be nice.  If anyone wants to send some my way I will graciously welcome it.  

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Shanti said...

beautiful. What variety of tulip is this? I am a flower grower too, just trying tulips out for the 2nd year. How do you get them so tall. I am growing them outside and in a tunnel.