Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Different times

First off, if you have not seen the clip of the baby trashing a las playas bar, you must check it out. I think it extends beyond parent humor. Thanks for sharing Emily, so hilarious. Second off, this season is going to be so crazy! It's already opening main season market this Saturday---Durham market hours change from 10-12 to 8-12! Yikes! We took Ruth to market this past weekend to see how it would go, a test run shall we say. Stuart and I failed the stress test. So now we need a plan B. I guess one of us will be staying home Sat. mornings. Things in the field look great. I need to get a new camera to share the beauty. Loads of veggies and flowers coming soon to the DFM, and the season is so wonky with this early heat we'll probably start our CSA early. Are we ready for this with our little one???? I guess there is no choice!

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