Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 28th Market

I made it to market with Ruth, got to show her off to some customers and vendors.  She did GREAT and it gives me hope for bringing her more often.  I do wish we were able to park our truck so that we could have a place for her to sleep and a place for me to nurse her.  Our space at market is one of two or three spots where there is no place to park a vehicle.  But we wouldn't trade it for anything as it's a corner spot and let's us have quite a bit more square feet to display.  If we didn't have a corner spot we would need a double space.  
Have I mentioned how I love our market?  The Durham community is so strong; it's always a perpetual source of amazement and awe that people come out and support us and sincerely care about how we are doing, about what is going on in our lives.  That Stuart and I can make a living from a few acres of land and some good hard work because of the people of Durham.  May we always be able to make a living from farming.  From growing beautiful vegetables and flowers and attempting to be stewards of the land.


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Floret said...

so lovely.
if i lived closer we'd visit you every week and load up on that gorgeous produce and surely a few big bundles of those freaking stunning flowers.
you guys do a killer job!
so exciting that Ruth was a market champ. total score :)