Friday, January 20, 2012

Trim, in perspective

It's official. We now have trim on our windows and doors! I had become used to the look of half inch gaps filled with jagged and crumbling sheetrock all around the doors and windows. It was like a daily shout out to all the voices telling us NOT to move in until everything is done, otherwise it won't get done. But c'mon people, trim doesn't make you any money, right? Atleast that would be what our farm mentor would say. (but point in fact: he still has unfinished trim in his house after fifteen years!!! ssshhhh!!)
So yes, we could have put that money towards something ever so valuable for the farm. Blueberries, another hoophouse, the big section of peonies we want, all the woody cuts and perennials in the catalogs that look at me yearning for a good place to live (it's as bad as looking at those weekly shelter ads for adorable pets that need a home!). But what about feng shui and living in a balanced abode? That must count for something. We must not always put the farm first, which is so often the case.
Having the trim up actually feels like we just took a big deep breath. Like there is progress in more than one avenue of our lives. I was just recently discussing with a close friend and fellow flower grower the ever so important question of how to maintain a good quality of life while running a farm. Because there is always, ALWAYS, something urgent and pressing to do, something to weed, or plan, or start, or order.
Balancing that personal and intimate self-rejuvenation that we all need to live a fulfilled life can easily get neglected. I think a hammock and some wind chimes are in order. And not just those one inch diameter wind chimes. Oh no. We're talking five inches wide so that there is a symphony of the elements where we can go whenever we need to recharge. We have a friend who has these massive wind chimes on her farm (complete with hammock nearby) and I tell you, it will rock your world. Metaphorically speaking that is. Epiphanies and let-it all-go's galore.
How long before we make that happen? What will we prioritize first? Ruth is still for more milk and cream. We have to think about her needs too.
But back to the trim. First we had to sand and seal the windows and put one more coat on our big room (where we spend 95% of our time). Actually, I had no hands on here, I was busy being mom the milkmaid. Ruth and I had to go over to Grand-la's house for the whole process so she wouldn't be breathing bad fumes (another blog for that!). So thanks Skye, Adam, and especially Gerard for all the hard work.
Gerard had the awesome idea to place a sliver of black walnut from some leftover flooring under the top piece of trim. It really gives the trim a unique and, in my opinion, masculine look. Like I can almost smell a whiff of cologne when I look at it. Maybe that is what black walnut is all about. Seduction and intrigue. Such a beautiful wood. But now we're bordering on this whole conversation turning lewd. Anyhow, we love the trim and it's done and we're so glad we did it. There.

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Randy Emmitt said...


Finally done, nice isn't it. Those days you stayed at your mom's I saw you drive by several times. I was finishing out our laundry room, we now have a recycling center in it. Cute photos of Ruth, I like her sitting by the fire.