Sunday, January 8, 2012

To market we will go

The farm just doesn't let up! Here are some photos of our two hoophouses. I've been biting my nails over the two beds of anemones we have planted. So far they've given us small and deformed looking buds with a lot of rotten centers and they just aren't looking so hot. I get down every time I visit the house and cut them. But the good news is that it looks like they might be coming out of it. I see a lot of big fat buds on them this week, so cross my fingers, let's hope that was just a weird spell. That is one of the problems with farming. You think you can count on growing something right after a few good rounds and then the plant lets you know your place.
The poppies are doing amazingly well. Last time I tried them in the hoophouse a couple years ago they didn't start blooming til' February, but it has been so warm they sent up a major first round of buds....very exciting as these have been the first to go at market. The colors border on being indecent they are so saturated and intense. Maybe that is why they are so popular. A modest indecency for people to help them deal with the drabness of winter. I know I need them more than ever.
This upcoming season is looming large in my mind with an ever-present apprehension about how on earth we are going to get it all done with Ruth. It'll happen. We know time will keep on flowing and we will just have to do the best we can. The farming gods have been good to us so far. As has my mama, who has really integrated herself into our farm. She is amazing. Mothers are amazing. Now that I am a mother, my respect and admiration for all mothers has increased exponentially. I thought farming was hard work but it ain't got nothing on being a mom.

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Floret Flowers said...

Where oh where do you get your poppies!? It seems you have the perfect mix of colors.I have never gotten red or many raspberry. Are they Temptress? Any help would be fantastic!!~Erin