Sunday, January 8, 2012

To warm the coldest of hearts

It's been a while hasn't it??! Time is going by even faster now that we have this little cherub in our lives. We've been dealing with crazy amounts of diarrhea (lovely, right?) and we're not sure whether it is her teething or if the antibiotic has gotten a little weird in her system. But we're changing poopy diapers twice a night, which is akin to a mild form of parenting torture. She is such a sweetheart though, and her awareness has really developed this past month. Just the other day she was explaining the theory of relativity to me with her eyes. It was mindblowing I tell you. She also has quite a few ideas about installing milk fountains around the farm, having cream on tap, that kind of thing.
Here is a video of baby Rue that is pretty hilarious. It's the closest she has come to laughing to date, which I've been so patiently waiting to happen.

Retro dancing, laughing from stuart white on Vimeo.


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Aylan said...

Nanny & I have thoroughly enjoyed this! We are sending lots of love from the whole Farrell clan in Georgia. Hugs & kisses - Aylan