Sunday, October 30, 2011

Official Frost Celebration

This pumpkin is called 'lunch lady'. Kind of cruel, but usually elicits a giggle. We are loving this cold weather, bundling up and taking walks around our property. It is always such a relief to reach this point in the season where things grow so slow it's a month to month type of progress instead of day to day. Not that there aren't things to do every day; there is just a more relaxed feel to the pressure of getting it done. We now need to focus on this winter's flower CSA and next season's garden.
It's been hard for me to deal with such a profound shift in my life, having this beautiful baby. My life was so intensely tied up in the farm and now it is all Ruth all the time. To so suddenly have to let go of so many things is probably the hardest thing about having a child for me. But when I get to whisper to Ruth in the quiet moments about our friendship and how we'll learn so much from each other in this brief existence we have here, I tear up a little and experience a weird but profound feeling I've never felt before, and there isn't anything in my life to which I can compare that feeling. So I guess that feeling is what motherhood is all about. And of course changing lots of poopy diapers day after day.


Floret Flowers said...

i've kept sweet little Ruth in my thoughts all week, hoping she is healthy and well. being a mother while farming is so.damn.intense.
i just love reading your thoughts,feelings and updates about new motherhood,the farm,life. that little bundle is one lucky girl :)
as always sending loads of good vibes your way.happy frostmas!

phoebe said...

Well, I'm loving following along with y'all and ruth. I'm so glad she's feeling better. Love the photos as always. Phoebe