Saturday, October 22, 2011

  by bluebirdmeadows
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Hey everyone! I'm trying to figure out blogging from Stuart's iPhone so these pictures came out as different posts. We are back in the hospital believe it or not with our little love Ruth who came down with yet another UTI Thursday night. Stuart and I couldn't freaking believe it when we took her temp and it was 102.9. We freaked out (or atleast I did) and packed a quick bag and rushed to the ER where she got the whole excruciatingly hard to watch procedure for the second time. Catheter, blood drawn, and the hardest one for me to stomach, the spinal tap. She is now on an iv getting antibiotics and is handling this much better than her parents as you can see by her lovely grins. Looks like they want us to stay through atleast Tuesday to keep an eye on her and run some more tests. Isn't this crazy? It's a good thing she is such a healthy robust little lass to get through this. She already weighs 13 lbs!!!! We love this little chunk light. Have Ruth in your prayers and thoughts for us. I'm sure this will all work out. Definitely puts things in perspective....

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phoebe said...

I have Ruth in my prayers and hope she is home soon with mama and daddy. She is just adorable! So sorry she's having to go through this infection again. Hope you are getting some rest! Phoebe